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How to Insure your Life

Many people with dependants and loved ones choose to take out life insurance so that should anything happen to you; your family will be protected against financial difficulties as a result of your death. We continually hear people, businesses and advertisements telling us that we should … [Read More...]

How Insurance Companies make their Money

Having insurance for expensive assets such as your car or house as well as emergencies and health care is vital, protecting both yourself and your loved ones. There are a wealth of insurance companies in South Africa offering insurances services for a variety of life aspects. If you … [Read More...]

How to Read and Compare an Insurance Quote

You should find out how to read and compare an insurance quote if you own a property, vehicle or other expensive asset, or if you are interested in getting life or disability insurance. Insurance cover is an essential part of life in today’s fast paced society where most of us cannot … [Read More...]

3 Boat Insurance Points to Consider

If you have bought a boat, you will definitely want to know about these three points to consider. It is incredibly important to insure your most valuable assets, and a boat definitely makes the cut as a valuable asset!   The following three points are something you should … [Read More...]

5 Tips to Find Low Rate Car Insurance

If you are looking to insure your vehicle, have a look at the following five tips to find low rate car insurance in South Africa to help you to find the most affordable cover possible. There are many different vehicle insurance policies to consider from a wide range of different … [Read More...]

5 Reasons to Get House Insurance Cover

The following five reasons to get house insurance cover will definitely convince you that it is essential that you get a good insurance policy for any property that you own. Insurance policies are very important on items that you spent a large amount of money on. You do not want to find … [Read More...]